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i noticed that you were reopening a lot of roles? does that mean you're restarting the entire roleplay or just reopening the roles that have been inactive? because it sort of seems like you wanted to revamp it and i wanted to know if i should wait to send in an audition, send it in when i'm done or just not at all.

I would wait love, as we’re planning on re-vamping, which means re-written and all new bios. Which is good fun—but will take time and patience. We’re glad to hear you’re interested however, and hope you apply when we’re ready! 

1 year ago
1 note
I still want My character!

Mind coming off anon, love?

1 year ago
1 note

Hey Guys,

Momma Meg here, I just wanted to say hello as the new mod online. I have one quick request of you guys to help out Emily and I, if you’d like to keep your character, can you please message the main blog? We’d like to make sure we’re not unfollowing someone who still wants to be a part of it! 

-Momma Meg

Please unfollow the following




1 year ago
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what happened to the other 2 admins?

They’re no longer a part of OUAH. So now, it’s run by myself (Emily) and Meg! We’re in the process of revamping.

1 year ago
5 notes

Hello my loves!

We’ll be undergoing a revamp soon, so stay tuned! Love you all! <3

-Momma Emily

Is this an active rp?

Yes, it’s active. We’ve just slowed down a bit, but we’re working to change that!

Why are so many people leaving this rp?

The players became inactive for the most part. We’ve got a few people that had to leave for personal reasons and then others kind of just left. We’re working to change that and bring new things to the roleplay.

Follow Kovu! »

Please unfollow the following.









Momma Potts








Welcome back, Kovu! Please send in your account!


Your Name: Ruu
Your Age: 15
Character Desired: Kovu
Why should we give you this character?: Cause I love you and you guys are so flipping amazing, I can’t stay away and I have played Kovu for you guys before :3
How active do you plan to be on a 1-10 scale?: 8!!!!

Read More

Mod note.

We really need you guys to tell us when you’re dropping a character before you go changing the blog(s) to something entirely new.

It’s stated in our rules and ask that you abide by them.


-Momma Emily

1 year ago
1 note
Im kind of disappointed. This use to be such a good Role Play. And it seems everyone is loosing interest in it. Even the Mods :(

We’re not giving up, love! Don’t fret, we’ll be bringing life in this roleplay once again. We apologize for the slowness and such, but we promise we’re not giving up. Just hang on.<3

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1 year ago
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Buzz or Jessie or Woody or Rex

On our list, love!

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