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Zeus Tinia - FC: Christian Bale - OPEN

38 | Pure Blood | Former Gryffindor | Flying Professor


Zeus is one of the more laid back professors, always laughing and joking around with his students. But he still takes his job seriously and tries to minimize the injuries. As he has a young son, Zeus likes to think that he’s very “hip” and tries to keep up with the latest students fads. Nobody really has the heart to tell him that he sounds weird when he says things like, “What’s crackalackin, my brothers?” So he keeps right on thinking he’s cool, even when Hermes tries to hint that he’s not. Other than being embarrassingly behind on lingo, Zeus does relate to the students fairly well. He likes to get to know them and tries to help if anyone is going through a particularly rough time. Especially his son, Hercules. Zeus is always trying to pry into his personal life, or hang out with him the way they used to. Of course, his little boy is growing up and doesn’t always want to be around his dad. This makes Zeus a bit sad, but he recognizes that his boy needs his freedoms, so he tries not to be over-bearing. And when he is, Hera is there to reign him in.


In school, Zeus was one of the most popular kids around. He had plenty of friends and plenty of girlfriends, too. The former Gryffindor was known as a bit of a player, as shocking as it might be. You could never tell from the way he looks at his wife now, with a mixture of love and devotion that only comes from spending many years and overcoming multiple obstacles together. But it’s true, he was a heart breaker in his teen years and the guy that everyone wanted to be. Athletic, smart, and usually an all around nice guy, Zeus had it all. It’s no surprise that he wanted nothing to do with his distant cousin, Hades. Even as kids, he had a certain disdain for the Orcus family, not only were they muggles, but he just found them odd. In school, Zeus renounced that he was in any way affiliated with Hades’s family and proceeded to ignore him until his seventh year, when he finally matured enough to see how ridiculous he’d been. Zeus apologized that year and Hades had seemed to take it well. Satisfied that he’d done the right thing, Zeus continued on thinking that there was no more bad blood between them. And there wasn’t…at least, not on Zeus’s side of things.

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